New Product Line - Y Strainers

May 9th 2022

New Product Line - Y Strainers

We are happy to announce that now carries a full line of stainless steel Y-strainers for our customers to purchase online starting today. We see this new product line as a perfect add-on for customers looking to increase the efficiency of their fluid control systems and to significantly extend the life of their electric valves.

What is a Y (Wye) Strainer?

Y strainers, sometimes referred to as wye strainers, are a device that connects to your piping system that mechanically removes solids, contaminants, rust, etc. from your media. They are constructed in a Y shape with a removable perforated stainless steel filter/strainer that collects solids as media passes through.

Y Strainers and Solenoid Valves

Installing a y-strainer significantly reduces the amount of solid material flowing through a system. This is important for solenoid valve users since these contaminants can build up in a valve and/or get lodged inside it. This can lead to constant maintenance of the valve or possibly breaking the solenoid valve. Wye filters are an easy and affordable solution that prevents this.

We recommend installing a y-strainer upstream from solenoid valves to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your valves.

Y strainer with replacement mesh filterFilter Replacement

All Y strainers sold by come with a 80 mesh filter, capable of filtering particles 177 microns and larger. If you require strainers with larger or smaller filter holes, we carry additional replacement y strainer filters with 50 mesh (297 microns) and 150 mesh (89 microns).

The strainer filter that comes with the product as well as the replacement filters are all reusable and washable. To remove a filter for cleaning or replacement, the strainer can be accessed by opening the threaded cap.

Have any questions?

We are here to help with any questions you may have regarding these new products or anything from our catalog. Our valve professionals are available via phone, email, or website chat during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.