3 Way Valves

3 Way Valves - Electric Ball & Solenoid has a line of 3 way solenoid valves and 3 way ball valves in stock from 1/8" to 1”. We also carry multiple top-quality accessories for valve applications. Our products are used by professionals, manufacturers, and do-it-yourselfers. Many of our valves are used in some of the country’s most prestigious engineering and technical schools to educate future generations in applied automation.

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3Way Solenoid Valve vs 3Way Electric Ball Valve

3-Way Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves are manufactured in either normally open or normally closed options, whether it is a 2 way valve or a 3 way valve.’s catalog of solenoid 3 way valves are always available as normally closed, which is the most popular application for these types of automated valves.

How Does a Normally Closed 3 Way Solenoid Valve Work?

With a normally closed 3 way valve, the exhaust port remains closed when energized while the inlet port remains open. Switching the power on to energize the valve will close the exhaust port and open the inlet port. This flow path can be seen in the diagram below.


3-Way Electric Ball Valves

Ball valves use a different mechanism than solenoid valves to open and close ports to direct media flow. A stainless steel ball fits seamlessly inside the valve body which can completely prevent the flow of water, gas, or fuel when in the closed position or turn to open the flow.

How Does a Motorized 3 Way Ball Valve Work?

Electronic three way ball valves can be activated to make quarter turns, which exposes a hole in the ball, opening the valve to flow between the two open ports.

Valve Compatibility

3 way solenoid and ball valves have different compatibility with the media that can flow through each. Generally, both can be used with water, air, and fuel. Water can be transported through the valves, but it is not recommended to use brass valves with drinking water.

If the valves are to be used for chemical mixing or fluid control, there is a wide range of chemicals that can be used in conjunction with these valves. Please consult a chemical expert to determine if the solution you plan to use is compatible with the body and seals before using.

Need Some Assistance?

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