Blow-Out Kit for Y-Strainer

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Technical Details

Compatible Y-Strainer Select Atlantic Valve Y-Strainer Size Above
Included End Cap, End Cap Plug, Male to Male NPT Hex Nipple
End Cap Material 304 Stainless Steel
End Cap Plug Material 304 Stainless Steel
Hex Nipple Material 304 Stainless Steel
End Seal PTFE
Hex Nipple Size for 1/4" and 1/2" 1/4" Male NPT to 1/4"Male NPT (Can Connect with 1/4" FNPT Threaded Valves)
Hex Nipple Size for 1" to 2" 1/2" Male NPT to 1/2"Male NPT (Can Connect with 1/2" FNPT Threaded Valves)
Temp Range -4 to 356° F / -20 to 180°C
Pressure Rating 800 PSI
Notes Y-Strainer and Ball Valve Not Included

Product Overview

Blow Out Kit for Atlantic Valves Y Strainer (Wye Strainer)

Designed to fit Atlantic Valves Y-Strainers, this Blow Out (or Blow Down) Kit, consists of an End Cap with an NPT port, an NPT End Cap Plug, and a Male NPT to Male NPT Hex Nipple. This kit is to replace the standard end Cap of the Atlantic Valve Y-Strainer, and comes with a Plug to seal the cap, or a Male to Male Hex Nipple in order to attach a valve.  Attaching a valve at the end of a Y-Strainer allows you to flush the filtered particulates out quickly and easily. Blow out valves can either be a manual ball valve or an automated motorized ball valve. These kits fit Atlantic Valve's Y-Strainers seamlessly and are available for every size Y-Strainers we carry. The 1/2" and 3/4" Kit end caps have a 1/4" Female NPT port, when fit with the Male to Male NPT Hex Nipple, you can install a 1/4" valve at the end for in line blow-outs.  The 1" through 2" Kit end caps have a 1/2" Female NPT port, when fit with the Male to Male NPT Hex Nipple, you can install a 1/2" valve at the end for in line blow-outs.  

These Blow Out Kits are made with quality 304 Stainless Steel and Stainless-Steel components. These Blow Out Kits do not include the Y-Strainer or the Ball Valve.

Easy Maintenance and Reduced Down Time

Y-Strainers are used to remove particles from media to keep them from damaging expensive and important equipment. Unlike filters, strainers are reusable.  In order to reuse the strainer it needs to be washed down, or cleaned. Normally this requires the application to be shut down in order to open the valve and access the screen. Installing a blow out valve on your y-strainer allows you to keep the application running while preforming regular maintenance.  By opening the valve you blow-out or remove all of the particulates that the strainer has filtered out of your media, completing the necessary maintenance in seconds, without shutting down. It is still recommended to have additional strainers on hand to replace old strainers when necessary.


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