Steam Valves

Steam Solenoid Valves for High Temperature Applications

When installing a solenoid valve into a system with high temperature liquids and steam, it is essential that the valve is designed to handle the higher temperatures and pressures within those systems. Our stainless-steel steam solenoid valves are the ideal choice for safely and reliably controlling Steam, High Temperature Liquids, Inert Gas, and Air. 

Steam Solenoid Valve Construction

The PTFE diaphragm creates an air-tight seal which will not leak steam, but built-up heat in the system naturally escapes from the valve and pipes. To ensure that the actuator is protected from the dissipating heat, the distance between the valve body and the actuator has been lengthened for the steam control valves, keeping the actuator protected from overheating.

The valve bodies are constructed of premium 304 stainless steel, which has higher heat and pressure capabilities than brass or plastic valves.

High Temp/Steam Solenoid Valve FAQ

What are the pressure and temperature ranges for the steam valves?

These steam and hot water solenoid valves are rated for temperatures from 32-356°F (0-180°C). The pressure range varies between AC and DC valves with AC rated for pressures of 0-145 PSI and DC valves rated for pressures of 0-90 PSI.

What are the components of the steam solenoid valves?

  • Valve body – 304 Stainless Steel

  • Internal components – stainless steel

  • Seal - PTFE

Are there other options available?

If there is a size or option you need that is not shown on our site, please feel free to contact us for other options or you can easily request a valve quote from our special order request form.