Electric Ball Valves

Electric Motorized Ball Valves

When a solenoid valve just won't cut it, look to one of our Electric Motorized Ball Valves. Ball Valves support higher flow rates, are anti-water hammer, and true emergency shut off compared to our popular solenoid valves. Available in a wide range of voltages, function, and material you're sure to find an electric ball valve to suit your project. 

These types of electric valves are an affordable option that last long, are easy to install, and work well with large volumes of media flow.

Electric Ball Valve vs Manual Ball Valve

Motorized ball valves operate in a similar fashion as manual ball valves. A ball set in the body of the valve has a hole in the center which controls the flow. An open ball valve will have the bore/hole in line with the flow. Turning the ball perpendicular will close the valve and stop the flow of media. An electrically actuated ball valve has a motor that does the turning for you.

The main benefits of an actuated ball valve are programmability and convenience. These valves can be set up to work with a variety of automated systems from DIY Raspberry Pi setups to cloud based infrastructure. At the flip of a switch, the valves can open and close without needing to physically be near the valve itself.

What are Motorized Ball Valves Made of?

We carry these electric valves in brass, 304 stainless steel, and plastic

Brass Ball Valves

Brass is the most commonly used metal for electric valves for home use and industrial settings. It is a durable and cost-effective metal that is suitable for a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and types of media flow.

304 Stainless Steel Ball Valves

304 stainless steel is slightly more expensive than brass, but more affordable than 316 stainless. The major benefit of stainless is that it is lead-free and safe to use in systems with drinking water.

Plastic Ball Valves

Plastic motorized valve bodies are made up of UPVC material which is durable and cost-effective. This body type is also safe to use with potable drinking water. Additionally, plastic valves can be used in systems that have corrosive media such as salt water or acids.

3 Way Motorized Ball Valve

Most of the valves you’ll find are two way/bi-directional, but we also carry a variety of three way motorized ball valves. The 3-way ball valves allow the operator to connect media flows from 3 different directions to control the flow which can divert, distribute, or mix the media with each turn of the ball. Rather than have a bore that goes straight through the ball, an L-shape hole is cut into the ball to regulate different flow directions of the media.

Advantages of Electric Ball Valves

  • Work well with large volumes of flow

  • Greater Cv value than solenoid valves

  • Can be run in automated systems

  • Affordable valve type

  • Easy to install

  • Lower operating costs than solenoid valves (does not require power once the ball is in the desired position)

  • Not prone to burning out like solenoids

  • Anti water hammer