Flat Disc, Type V Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler - 5 Pack

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Technical Details

Exhaust Muffler Type Flat Disc, Type V
Material Type Brass
Working Pressure 0-150 PSI
Connection Type Male NPT (Select Size Above)
Quantity per Pack 5, Mufflers

Product Overview

The MV Series, Flat Disc, Type V Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler is a necessary component used to reduce the noise generated by the exhaust airflow in pneumatic systems. It consists of a flat disc-shaped element with perforations or porous material that allows the exhaust air to pass through while attenuating the noise and screws directly into the NPT exhaust ports on pneumatic components.

Flat Disc Exhaust Mufflers are necessary safety devices that should be considered on all pneumatic applications especially where noise reduction is required, such as in pneumatic tools, cylinders, or valves. These should always be employed in environments where noise control is essential for worker safety, equipment operation, or compliance with noise regulations.

Flat Disc mufflers are designed to provide effective noise reduction while maintaining a compact and low-profile form. They offer an alternative option when space constraints or aesthetic considerations are important factors. Due to their flat shape, they can be easily integrated into systems where vertical space is limited or where a more streamlined appearance is desired.

Flat Disc mufflers excel in reducing high-frequency noise generated by the exhaust airflow. The perforated disc or porous material within the muffler allows the exhaust air to pass through while providing an effective barrier for noise reduction. The design enables the muffler to absorb and dissipate sound energy, resulting in reduced sound levels. This also grants protection against the entry of debris, particles, or liquids into the exhaust ports.

The MV series, Flat Disc, Type V Pneumatic Exhaust Mufflers are  available 1/8", ¼”, 3/8” and to 1/2” Male NPT threading. This makes our mufflers a great solution for NPT threaded equipment commonly found in the USA.

This is a pack of 5 mufflers.