1/2" 24V DC Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve N/O

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Technical Details

Position Normally Open
Port Size 1/2" Female NPT
Voltage 24V DC
Body Material Stainless Steel
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material Viton® Diaphragm
Orifice Size 15 mm
Temp Range 15 to 250° F / -10 to 120°C
Pressure Range Water: 0-90 PSI | Air 7-90 PSI
Flow Rate Cv 4.8 (Appx 36 GPM @ 60 PSI)
Power 28 Watts / 1.25 Amps
Coil Connection DIN 43650B
Response Time Fast Acting (Less than one second)
Duty Cycle 100% but not indefinitely
*Suitable Media Water – Air - Fuel - *Etc
Weight 1 lb 9 oz
Height 4.50"
Length 2.36" port to port
Width 1.95"

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Product Overview

Our SZW-15K-24VDC is a 2-way, unidirectional solenoid valve that’s normal position is open. This means the valve has an inlet port, outlet port and flow is constant in one direction. The valve will remain in the open position until powered by a 24 Volt DC power source. Once power is supplied the valve will be forced closed preventing media from flowing. This valve has a 304 Stainless Steel body that is suitable for potable water as well as many other types of fluids and chemicals.

The body is a molded 304 Stainless Steel with a Viton seal and 316 Stainless components. The connection is made on each end of the valve with 1/2” ports. The orifice size is 15mm with a Cv of 4.8 which means that it can flow approximately 36 GPM of water at 60 PSI.

This valve has a working pressure range from 0 – 90 PSI. It is an ideal drain valve for gravity fed liquid. The media temperature can range as low as 15°F and up to 250°F or -10 to 120°C. Higher or lower temperatures may prevent the valve from performing or even damage it.

The coil is 24 Volts DC and requires a power source that can supply 28 Watts or 1.25 Amps. It will operate within a voltage range of +-10%. This model comes with a 43650B DIN connector that is pre-wired for quick connection. This coil is not water proof and should not be installed in spray down locations.

*Consult a chemical compatibility expert for correct seal and valve body material choice.

Warranty guarantees our valves to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for One year from the date of purchase.

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