2" Stainless Electric Ball Valve - 2 Wire Auto Return

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Technical Details

Port Size 2" Female NPT
Wiring Type XR22 - 2 Wire Auto Return
Voltage Range Select Above (auto detects voltage)
Body Material 304 Stainless Steel
Components Stainless Steel
Seal Material EPDM
Ball Seat PTFE
Gears Metal
Bore Type Full
Flow Bi-Directional
Temp Range 35 - 200° F / 2 to 90°C
Pressure Range 0 - 185 PSI (No Minimum)
Max Torque 12 Nm
Power ≤1 A (initial breaking torque)
Coil Connection Lead Wires
Closing Time 15 Seconds
Min. Energized Time 60 Seconds
Duty Cycle 100%
*Suitable Media Water – Air - *Etc
Enclosure Rating IP67 (NEMA 4 equivalent), Impact Resistant Housing
Weight 4 lbs 15 oz
Height 7.32"
Length 5.12" port to port
Width 3.65"
Life Expectancy 70,000 Cycles

Product Overview

Choose an XR22 wiring option above:

  • 9 to 24V AC/DC (auto detects voltage)
  • 110 to 230V AC

Introducing our 2" Stainless Electric Ball Valve - 2 Wire Auto Return, a top-notch solution for applications demanding maximum flow and reliable shut-off capabilities. Crafted with precision and engineered for efficiency, this electric ball valve offers unparalleled performance in both residential and commercial projects.

Designed for optimal flow, this ball valve boasts bi-directional functionality, ensuring seamless operation regardless of the flow direction. Unlike conventional solenoid valves, our electric ball valve features a slightly delayed close time, providing enhanced control and precision. The mechanical ball within the valve requires up to 12 seconds to transition fully, guaranteeing a smooth and secure shut-off every time.

Constructed with durability in mind, the valve's body is forged from premium-grade 304 Stainless Steel, ensuring long-lasting performance even in the most demanding environments. Internal components are meticulously crafted from 316 stainless steel, PTFE, and EPDM, further enhancing durability and resistance to corrosion.

Equipped with an XR-22 actuator featuring two lead wires, this valve simplifies installation and operation. Powered to open and remaining open while energized, it offers convenience and ease of use. The internal capacitor ensures smooth operation, powering the motor to swiftly return the ball to its normal position when power is removed.

For optimal performance, it's essential to adhere to a minimum energized cycle of at least 60 seconds, allowing the internal capacitor ample time to charge and ensuring complete closure. Shorter cycle times may result in partial or incomplete closures, compromising efficiency and reliability.

With minimal power consumption while powered, this electric ball valve is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Once power is removed, the internal capacitor seamlessly powers the valve to the closed position, providing reliable shut-off without fail.

For peace of mind and compatibility assurance, we recommend consulting with a chemical compatibility expert to select the correct seal and valve body materials for your specific application.

Elevate your operations with our 2" Stainless Electric Ball Valve - 2 Wire Auto Return, where precision meets reliability for unparalleled performance.


Warranty guarantees our valves to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for One year from the date of purchase.

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