Chemical Compatibility Chart Now Available on

Jan 7th 2022

Chemical Compatibility Chart Now Available on

We are happy to announce that our interactive chemical compatibility chart is now live on This tool is something we have been working on behind the scenes in an effort to provide a free tool for our customers and any other visitor looking for information on the chemicals they are working with.

We designed this chart to not only be helpful when working with our solenoid valves, but to include extensive information to cover countless different scenarios. It can be used to quickly cross reference the compatibility of over 600 chemicals with more than 40 different materials such as plastic, silicone, natural rubber, and different metals.

To use the chart, start by navigating to On this page, you can select a specific chemical with a specific material to determine their compatibility, or you can make a selection from just one of the dropdowns to find all of the data corresponding to your choice. When you click on the “View Compatibility” button, our tool instantly pulls all of the requested information from our chemical compatibility matrix.

Screenshot - chemical compatibility database search function

Within the chart, we have created an easy-to-use rating system to help you determine the compatibility and safety of a chemical and material.

  • A - Excellent
  • B - Good: Minor Effect, slight corrosion, or discoloration.
  • C - Fair: Moderate Effect, not recommended for continuous use. Softening or loss of strength, and swelling may occur.
  • D - Severe Effect: Not recommended for any use.
  • E - Insufficient Data.

Screenshot - chemical compatibility database results matrix examples

Please note that this tool is for informational purposes only, designed to be a quick reference guide. Variations in environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, concentration, etc. can affect the compatibility. Before installing any new products or implementing any changes into your chemical system, proper testing and research should be completed to assure full safety and compatibility.